Sunday, June 30, 2013

T minus 12 hours

In less than 11 hours we will be airborne headed for East Africa.  It seems surreal that it is finally upon us.  It was over two years ago that the Lord made it clear in my heart and Sarah's that he wanted us (and our children) overseas serving those who have not heard the good news.  Since January of 201l, everything we have done has been with this goal in mind.  Louisville, Richmond, and Vancouver have all been part of the path leading to tomorrow morning when we takeoff.

If we didn't know that our God is sovereign and that he ordains our days it might feel like we were flying blind into the great unknown.  But we aren't, we are following a clear call, and though not audibly, we can hear the voice of the Father in our ears telling us left or right (Isaiah 30:21).  It is of great comfort to know that so many are praying for us as we seek to follow him.

Many people wonder, and some are brave enough to ask, "Why?" And the answer is because he is worthy of obedience.  For us, obedience is serving in East Africa, helping small business and possibly coaching basketball. It is trying to help others, thinking more of our neighbors than ourselves (Gal 5:14) and to be the aroma of Christ in our everyday lives doing our work (2 Corinthians 2:15-17).

Our move to Africa is a great adventure and we look forward to keeping you filled in with what is happening with each of us.

Mt. Baker in Washington State from our apartment window.
As we say goodbye to Vancouver, we thank God for his provision, for several special relationships and new friends, for his beautiful creation, and for making the crooked paths straight (Isa 42:16).

A few memories from our time here will last a lifetime.  Lord willing, the next post will be from East Africa!



Nehemiah broke his collarbone Friday 

Rou, Asa, and Nehemiah on the beach at Famous Stanley Park

Fire Alarm proved to be a great time to meet neighbors

Having two big brothers leads to having frequent marks on your face.

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