Monday, October 28, 2013

Life is Back to Normal (Sort of)

If there is such a thing as normal in Africa, our life is back to it.  After a rocky September, we have found the relatively calm waters of October.  We are back in Iringa Tanzania and are pursuing the language again with the passion of when we first arrived.  We are starting to get a taste of what it is like to communicate in Swahili, the heart language here, and we love it. 
            We have settled back into a rhythm with school for Rainey and Asa, and language lessons for Sarah and me.  All of the kids are relatively healthy and your prayers (and ours) have been answered thus far with no other accidents or illnesses. 
            We are finding ourselves vested more and more in the people here in Iringa and that is a blessing.  We are developing relationships that revolve around eternal things and finding opportunities to share the truth that changes lives.  We are looking forward to our work in Mombasa and we have friends currently looking for a house to rent there.  It is exciting to think in that after Christmas we will have a chance to finally settle in a “permanent” home that we can really invest in.
            After the whirlwind travel to Nairobi and all of the security/terrorism issues there, it has been good to be back in the small town of Iringa.  The president of Tanzania came to town a few days ago to celebrate the Tanzanian equivalent of our Independence Day.  It was neat to be a part of this culture and see the president and festivities.  Every day our eyes grow wider to a world vision that includes so much more than our roots in SC.  The Father has made such a beautiful creation, so many beautiful people groups, and so many different cultures.  I marvel at what our kids are being exposed to and the contrast from their worldview as children compared to mine at their respective ages.

            We will do our best to keep you updated and in the loop as we move forward and as always, we enjoying hearing from you.  Don’t be shy to drop us an email and let us know what is happening in your family’s life.
            On the adventure,
Stephen, Sarah, Rainey, Asa, Nehemiah, and Benny
(Along with many critters)

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