Saturday, March 16, 2013

Do you remember what it looked like in Star Wars when they went to light speed?  The stars would blur by in long white streaks.  That is not too different from how I feel now.  Everything is moving at warp speed and passing by very, very, fast.

Our first phase of specific training for our work in East Africa is just a couple of days from being completed.  It is hard to describe what it has been like.  We have learned so much truth from wonderful teachers, we have been stretched in our personal walks, and we have watched our kids transition again.  Yet the most amazing thing for me is meeting the 130 or so adults that share our heart for the nations.  It is encouraging in a mighty way to meet so many other men that are leading their wives and children to the corners of the earth with one purpose in mind.

We head home to SC for 9 full days of family, friends, packing, and tears.  Then we fly out of the country on April 1st for Vancouver, B.C. for three more intense months of training before we fly straight to East Africa.  Vancouver will be where the rubber meets the road - we will be forced to put into practice what we are learning in the morning each afternoon.

We are holding up well, the first of many packing exercises has commenced and we will tell these dear friends by soon and pray that they are used to expand the Kingdom and please the Father.

Would you pray and thank him that he has indeed raised up workers for the harvest and commit our dear friends to his work.  At the same time know that many, many more are needed and pray to the master of the harvest that he would call more and call them quickly!


The Dinkins Family.

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  1. I hope we'll get to see you at least briefly while you're in Sumter. We're praying for your family and ministry.